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Artemi Gavezou - Castro (born 19 June 1994 in Thessaloniki, Greece) is a group rhythmic gymnast, representing Spain, her mother's birthplace, at international competitions.

Until 2012 she lived in Greece, where she trained and competed with the Greek colours for almost 13 years. Then, she moved to Spain to study and train, where she resides permanently.

She competed at numerous World Cups and Championships, including the 2015 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, Stuttgart, Germany where she won the bronze medal in the all-around event. Spain's Group Rhythmic Gymnastics team won the silver medal at the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2016 moments

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Philosophy / Motto

"Pain is temporary, satisfaction is forever"


Anna Baranova, Sara Bayon

Awards (along with her Spanish Rhythmic Gymnastics teammates)

2014: Copa Baron de Güell National Sports Award as the Spanish Team of the Year

2015: Royal Order of Sports Merit - Bronze class

2016: Royal Order of Sports Merit - Silver class

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